A Retrospective - Alexander Hollweg -Journeys in art

Museum of Somerset, Taunton Castle, TA1 4AA
14 November 2023 - 9 March 2024

A major retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Somerset, Taunton, with work from across his whole career from the late 1950's to the late 2010's.

Featuring the whole range of media he worked in - sculpture, bas reliefs, drawings, watercolours, prints, acrylics and oil paintings - and major collections which have not been exhibited publicly since the 1970's. 

The exhibition has been curated by Sarah Cox of the Museum of Somerset and Denys Wilcox of The Court Gallery, with support from the Hollweg family. There will be a catalogue and gallery film, featuring recollections from many promiment former colleagues and patrons.

The museum will also be running education programmes and school visits to the exhibition.


Yarde 1982